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Light Event Aggregation

Wireframe allows developers to use convention over configuration approach in event aggregation and message passing.

Wireframe - Light Event Aggregation

There is no need to do explicit subscriptions for handling events.

The following convention is used:
  • Event handler callback methods' name must begin with "Handle" and end with "Event"
  • Event handler callback methods must contain only one parameter

Step 1
Create event handler:
public sealed class ExceptionLogger
  public void HandleExceptionEvent(LogExceptionEvent message)

Step 2
Parse assemblies containing event handlers:

Step 3
Initialize event handler instance and register it in message passing system:
ExceptionLogger exceptionLogger = new ExceptionLogger().Register();

Step 4
Send event messages to handlers:
catch (Exception e)
  this.Send(new LogExceptionEvent(e));

For more details see sample projects with comments in the project source.

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